Scripps Ranch

Neighbors Vow to Fight Back After Petty Crime Hits Scripps Ranch

People living in one Scripps Ranch neighborhood vow to fight back after they told NBC 7 a thief was caught on camera breaking into cars.

Neighbors awakened Wednesday and discovered a thief had helped himself to belongings inside their cars.

Victims shared what happened through a mass neighborhood text.

"Someone sent it out and said ‘Hey, my car got broken into,’ and all of a sudden two, three, four people started mentioning the same thing," said neighbor Rich Ragus said.

Ragus and his family have lived in the neighborhood for the last five years and said that this is far from the norm.

Neighbors are now on high alert, starting a neighborhood watch through a text and email chain and taking notes of anything out of the ordinary.

"It just keeps everybody informed of exactly what's going on around the neighborhood, good and bad. Everyone's very vigilant on what's going on," Ragus said. 

Police said the string of incidents is a good reminder to always make sure your car doors are locked before you go to sleep at night.

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