”This Is Evil”: Needles Found in Apples from Albertsons Store

A Southern California family say they got a dangerous surprise when they cut into two apples and found not just a core, but sewing needles.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department issued a public safety warning on Monday afternoon after Linda Nguyen's husband reported making the discovery Friday as he bit into a honeycrisp apple.

"He was upset, like, 'This is wrong. This is evil. Who would do a thing like this?'" Nguyen said.

He told her he had washed it under the faucet and hadn't felt anything. Nguyen had bought the fruit at the Albertsons at 1133 S. Mission Road in Fallbrook more than a week ago.

The scare forced Sandra, the couple's daughter, to issue an edict to her younger siblings so they don't face the same danger.

"After Dad found the needle in the first, we said, 'OK kids, whenever you eat an apple, slice it up first," said Sandra.

The warning was well-advised and a potential life-saver just the next day. Another member of the family, 9-year-old Hannah, cut into another honeycrisp and found a similar metal point.

The family went back to the Albertson's to warn the employees about their disturbing discovery. They received a refund for the five apples they bought -- two of which had needles -- and the store stoppped selling the honeycrisp apples as they investigated how the needles got into them.

Officials have reviewed video archives of the store, but have not found any suspicious activity.

Albertsons spokesman Carlos Illingworth released a statement Monday outlining the actions the store is taking in light of the discovery.

"The health and safety of our customers is of the utmost importance. As such, we immediately notified local law enforcement, and removed the remaining product, which was inspected and did not show any evidence of tampering," he said. "We have also notified the vendor and are cooperating with the appropriate agencies."

Sheriff’s deputies in Fallbrook are investigating.

Hannah, for her part, is sticking to oranges.

"Don't want to get stabbed in the throat with a needle," she told NBC 7.

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