11 of the Most Watched Videos on NBC 7 San Diego in 2017

Video Captures Touching Moment of Firefighter Rescuing Girl

Heartland Fire & Rescue Department Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Lopez scooped up an uninjured 4-year-old girl and held her in his arms as he carried her away from a traffic collision at State Route 125 and I-8 on August 4. The girl's her mother and sister were being treated for injuries in the collision where two women were killed. "She really just wanted to hang on and just feel safe," the firefighter said.

NBC 7's Katia Lopez Hodoyan speaks with the firefighter who rescued a four-year-old girl from a big rig collision on Wednesday.

Like Driving into Hell: Bonsall Resident on Lilac Fire

A North County resident got a call from a friend on Dec. 7 telling him the Lilac Fire had ignited near his home, near the intersection of Interstate 15 and state Route 76 near Fallbrook. As he describes it, he got home just in the nick of time.

Bonsall resident Jerry Vasquez returned to his home amid the Lilac Fire to gather some belongings and his cat. He described the scene as he entered his neighborhood to NBC 7's Audra Stafford: "It looked very eerie, very dark and overcast. It's almost like driving into hell."

Video Shows Whales Jumping in Carlsbad

Who doesn't like to watch marine life along our coast? NBC 7 users were treated to whale watching via this clip from one of our viewers who spotted the action at North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad in February. 

NBC 7 viewer, Brealynn R. Cuny sent a video of two whales jumping out of the water near the shore at North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad.

Santee Teen Injured in Sand Buggy Crash Speaks

A Santee teenager described the terrifying moments after he collided with another driver while riding his dirt bike in the desert over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

"For a second, I actually thought I was going to die," Jake Cabral told NBC 7.

NBC 7's Robert Santos speaks with a 15-year-old boy who was nearly killed after being struck by an alleged drunk driver in a sand buggy over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Image Appears to Threaten Mormon Temple in University City

In late November, a group used an image of the temple in University City as part of a threat. San Diego police said there was no credible threat to San Diego or its residents. Even so, there was an increase in police presence immediately after the image was reported. 

The FBI says it is not aware of any specific or credible threat to the local community but it is a good reminder to be vigilant. NBC 7’s Rory Devine has more.

Aerial Tour of Mission Valley Flooding

In February, record rainfall soaked the region and prompted the San Diego River to overflow where it's designed to in Mission Valley. Swift water rescue crews said the river reached levels not seen since 2010. More than 60 people were stranded when the water surrounded their hotel. Newschopper 7 provided a great view of the flooding.

NBC 7 Newschopper went up above Mission Valley on Tuesday morning to take a look at the flooding and damage left by Monday’s powerful winter storm.

Fire Destroys Boozefighters Motorcycle Club

Heartbreaking timing. In February when an overnight fire destroyed the headquarters for a local motorcycle club just as members were getting ready for a fundraiser. The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club assembles bicycles for their annual Christmas with Kids bike giveaway in a Kearny Mesa business park. The story definitely captured your attention.

An overnight fire destroyed the headquarters for a local motorcycle club just as members were getting ready for a fundraiser.

Local Abortion Doctor Surrenders License After Misconduct

Robert Santella's "aggressive" and "outrageous" behavior outside the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic on Miramar Road in June 2016 was cited as a cause for revoking his license. NBC 7 Investigates looked into the matter and reported that Santella surrenders his medical license following the videotaped confrontation.

NBC 7's Ashley Matthews reports on the unprofessional behavior of a San Diego abortion doctor that led to the loss of his license.

Politically Speaking: Is California's Drought Over?

The drought impacted California for years so when it appeared that the state had broken through the driest years on record, NBC 7 Meteorologist, Jodi Kodesh and Mike Lee with the San Diego County Water Authority appeared on NBC 7 on Jan. 22 to talk about conditions. 

Three years ago, Governor Jerry Brown declared California in a state of emergency as we faced water shortfalls in what was the driest year on record. But things have been slowly improving. We’ve seen a lot of storms this season, but is California’s drought over? NBC 7 Meteorologist, Jodi Kodesh and Mike Lee with the San Diego County Water Authority...

Oops! Woman Picks Up What She Thought Was a Dog's Toy But Wasn't

Carla Rosso of Calabasas had just gotten out of her jacuzzi and spotted a long, thin object -- what she thought was her dog's toy tug rope. So, she bent down and picked it up. Turns out, she had picked up a baby rattlesnake.

4-Year-Old Boy's Colorblind Haircut Goes Viral

Jax Rosebush, who is white, wanted a buzz cut to match the hair of his friend Reddy, who is black. He was thrilled because he didn't think his teacher would be able to tell the two apart. If you haven't watched this story, it's worth your time.

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