National City Works to Reach COVID-19 Vaccine Goal as Concern Looms Over Delta Variant

As of Wednesday June 30, San Diego County has identified 25 delta variant cases

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Infectious disease experts are weighing the need for booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, attention has turned specifically to those who received Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine. The concern is amid the more contagious delta variant.

As of June 30, San Diego County has identified 25 cases of the delta variant. It should be noted the county conducts limited sequential testing to identify variants and share that more can be out there. Two people with the delta variant were hospitalized, according to the latest county data. Almost 95% of the delta variant cases are from those not fully vaccinated, according to San Diego County Supervisor Chair Nathan Fletcher.

“We know that the delta variant in particular is more contagious and has the possibility to be more deadly than other forms of COVID-19,” said Adriana Bearse.

Bearse is a program manager at San Ysidro Health and says the clinic has administered nearly 50,000 doses of the vaccine and they are offering all three- Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J.

“For now we know that for Johnson & Johnson there is continuing to be a scientific evaluation of the data to try to determine what are the best recommendations to keep our communities safe and to get that protection that we all want for our communities and our families," Bearse said.

Doctors still say the vaccines will offer good protection, this as infectious disease experts are exploring the potential benefits of giving a booster shot to those who've received J&J.

The Mayor of National City says she is on board. She was notably part of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine trial where she was injected with the placebo, but later chose to get the J&J vaccine.

“I feel good and if there is a need to go to a booster shot or to have another conversation about how to boost my immunity I will 100% be the first person in that line and sharing with my community what it means,” said Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis.

Mayor Sotelo-Solis says she wants to reach a 75% COVID-19 vaccination goal in National City. A community that was largely impacted by the virus. She was also at the forefront last spring when she ordered a facial covering mandate.

NBC 7 asked if National City would consider reinstating a mask mandate or recommendation. She said she's open to that dialogue if the delta variant presents a threat.

“Variant, disease, COVID sees no person in particular, it sees no group in particular, and if we have to readdress where we’re at then, we as a community are ready to do that,” Sotelo-Solis said.

At this point, there has been no recommendation from the CDC about getting booster shots.

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