Mysterious Sewage Smell in Pacific Beach

One family says they can't open the windows in their son's bedroom because of the smell

Neighbors near Morrell Street and Oliver Avenue told NBC 7 it smells like rotten eggs, sulfur and sometimes as bad as a decomposing animal.

Their area is located right above a sewage line. They said city crews believe the smell is bad sewage odor (BSO), but the mystery remains.

Where is it leaking from?

“We can’t open our son’s bedroom window,” said Jeffrey Montez. “We don’t know if it’s toxic. We don’t know the long-term effects of being exposed to BSO.”

He and his wife Kristen moved into their home a few months ago. For Kristen, the issue is becoming emotional.

“It’s our home, you know?” she said. “You want to raise your family here. It’s our home.”

The Montez family said city crews are working to solve the problem. Workers have been out several times to check the area and fill manholes with asphalt and silicone.

However, they said, it doesn’t appear to be working. The smell remains.

Recently, the couple held a community meeting and learned they’re not alone. Others nearby notice the stench, and some have dealt with it for a long time.

“They say they’ve been dealing with this for years, and it seems as if they’ve lost hope,” Kristen said.

Kristen remains optimistic that, together, neighbors and the City will find the leak and stop the smell.

She said workers plan to come out again Monday.

NBC 7 reached out to city officials Friday afternoon and was told more information would be provided Monday.

To report a BSO, call City of San Diego Sewer Dispatch at 619-527-7660.

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