Retired Pastor says Newspaper Not Delivered for Months

A Bonita family called NBC 7 Responds after they felt short-changed after paying for four days of delivery for the Union Tribune but only received it three days a week for months.

The Rierson family has been subscribing to the San Diego Union Tribune for 14 years. The family pays to receive a physical copy of the paper Thursday through Sunday and the digital version Monday through Wednesday. 

For three months though, retired Pastor Richard Rierson wasn’t receiving the Thursday paper, even though he was paying for it. 

“I have called them several times and I have emailed them; I think this is ridiculous,” Richard said. 

He could still read the paper online but Richard says he likes the feeling of holding a newspaper in his hands. 

“I told them last time if this wasn’t resolved then I was getting ready to cancel my subscription. I really don’t want to do that, I enjoy the paper,” Richard said. 

So Richard contacted NBC 7 Responds and we reached out to the Union Tribune. 

A representative with the Union Tribune told us Richard’s account was mistakenly changed to a Friday through Sunday delivery even though he kept paying for that Thursday paper. 

The Union-Tribune agreed to not only reimburse the Rierson’s for their missing deliveries but also gave them 30 days’ worth of credit on their account. 

As for that Thursday paper, the week after we contacted the Union-Tribune the paper arrived as it should, right on the Rierson’s driveway. 

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