More Than 100 Passengers Stuck On the Celebrity Eclipse

The remaining passengers were initially told they were going to disembark in Mexico on April 4, but those plans were canceled

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South American citizens aboard the Celebrity Eclipse were told they were going to disembark in Mexico, but those plans were canceled leaving them stuck on the ship.

Their voyage started in Argentina more than a month ago. They were supposed to dock in Chile on March 15, but were not allowed to do so because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Chilean authorities only gave the ship permission to refuel and load provisions.

The ship then continued on to San Diego where it was already scheduled to arrive Monday, making them the last ship allowed to disembark after the county decided to not accept any more cruise ships.

The Port of San Diego said about 2,300 of the 2,500 aboard the ship would disembark between Monday and Tuesday.

The remaining passengers were initially told they were going to disembark in Mexico on April 4, but those plans were canceled.

Passengers on board now have to find an alternative option while learning that several crew members and one passenger tested positive for COVID-19.

The passenger is in serious condition, while three crew members are in isolation on the ship.

Gilma Gomez, who is one of 25 Colombians stuck on board, said she learned about the positive cases through a passenger who had already disembarked.

Gomez said crew members on board did not offer any further information.

In an interview over Whatsapp Gomez told NBC 7, she is afraid of getting infected. She says throughout the 30-day voyage, the cruise ran as normal. The buffets, bars, restaurants, pools and other common areas were all open.

Another Colombian citizen on the ship, Jaime Jaramillo told NBC 7, they want the U.S. Government to let them quarantine in San Diego.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol told NBC 7, guests coming off of a cruise ship must have somewhere to go after they disembark. Since Colombia and other South American countries have closed their borders there is nowhere for the passengers left on board to go. For this reason, they are the responsibility of the cruise line.

The remaining passengers on board have tourist visas to legally enter the U.S.

The Consulate of Colombia in Los Angeles said they have been in touch with several passengers and are trying to find a solution.

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