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Mission Beach Business Navigating Supply Chain Issues

The supply chain issues affecting much of the United States is affecting businesses in San Diego too

Mission Beach Businesses

A Mission Beach business has experienced unusually long wait times for many of its products to arrive in the past year.

“We have some real big issues with supply chain shortages. If you look behind us, we have a bike sitting behind us, those were ordered about a year ago and we are used to getting those two or three months after we order them,” Mission Beach Rentals Owner Matthew Gardner said.

Gardner said because of the log jam in the supply chain he often must spend more to restock his store.

“Not only is it shorting us in the supplies and the time it is expected to get here, but it’s costing us a lot more to get those supplies and so both of those are making it very difficult for us,” Gardner said.

Gardner said he has been facing problems with the supply chain log jam for approximately a year.

“About a year or so we’ve been dealing with this for many items. From the buckets, toy shovels to toy sets that we get for people that want to have fun on the beach,” Gardner said.

The Biden Administration recently announced that with the coordination of the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, they’d be expanding hours to 24-hours per day.

The goal of the administration and the ports are to ease the log jam that has seen ships sitting off the coast waiting to dock.

“I’m not planning on it working, but I’m hoping that it’ll work so if it does work with the plans of having the 24-hour ports or even talks of the National Guard being brought in to unload ships and drive trucks that can only help,” Gardner said.

As for his business, Gardner believes he will continue to manage his way through the supply chain issues.

“We are survivors. We’ve been through many problems in the past, every business owner does and you find ways to get around it,” Gardner said.  

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