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Summer of Flavor: McDonald's Dishes Out International Favorites to San Diego Stores

McDonald’s is moving on to burger and better things by rolling out international cuisine to its San Diego stores -- with a new twist on the McFlurry and the return of a fan favorite.

Starting in San Bernardino, the Golden Arches have expanded to more than 100 countries, picking up unique specialty dishes along the way. Now, McDonald’s is rolling out four of its global creations to San Diego for the summer:

  • The Netherlands’ Stroopwafel McFlurry
  • Spain’s Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger
  • Canada’s Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich
  • Australia’s Cheesy Bacon Fries

Ik hou ervan. Me encanta. I’m lovin’ it. No matter the language, the “lovin’ it” catchphrase has traveled around the globe, and now these worldwide menu items will too.

The four dishes were selected among the top-rated international specialties, McDonald’s told NBC 7.

“By bringing them to our U.S. menu for a limited time, we hope to give our San Diego and U.S.-based customers a taste of McDonald’s abroad,” said Vice President of the McDonald’s Owners Association of Southern California Jamie Straza.

The international dishes will be available at every McDonald’s throughout the county from June 5 to early August.

Stroopwafel McFlurry

stroopwafel mcflurry mcdonalds

“Our creamy vanilla soft serve, mixed with a rich caramel swirl, featuring authentic chopped Dutch Daelmans Stroopwafel caramel waffle cookie pieces.”

Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger


“A quarter pound of 100 percent fresh beef topped with thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, smoky McBacon Sauce, real Gouda cheese and slivered onions served on a freshly toasted sesame seed bun.”

Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich

tomato mozzarella chicken sandwich mcdonalds

“Made with a grilled or crispy all white meat, juicy and tender chicken, the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich is topped with tomato and herb sauce, creamy mozzarella cheese, slivered onions, fresh lettuce and sliced Roma tomatoes served on a freshly toasted artisan roll.”

Cheesy Bacon Fries

cheesy bacon fries mcdonalds

“Fries topped with real cheddar cheese sauce and chopped Applewood Smoked bacon.”

The two sandwiches can be ordered as a meal from the Combo Meals menu, Straza said.

“We are committed to creating everyday feel-good moments for customers no matter what McDonald’s restaurant they walk into anywhere in the world,” said Vice President of Menu Innovation Linda VanGosen.

While the global menu items are set to make their rounds for the summer, it’s not the first time their McPassports have been stamped in the States.

The Cheesy Bacon Fries is a dish you might Havarti seen before -- that’s because the Australian meal already made its debut in McDonald’s across the country earlier this year (but only for a short time).

On a smaller scale, those in South Florida got the inside scoop on the Stroopwafel McFlurry and the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger, both of which had test runs across 50 locations in the region in late 2018.

And for the lucky few in Grand Rapids, Michigan, all four international menu items were available at the start of 2019.

With positive receptions in these test areas, McDonald’s said it was ready to bring the four special dishes nationwide -- but only until early August, Straza told NBC 7.

As to the possibility of other global menu items visiting America, Straza said McDonald’s is always innovating and looks forward “to revealing what may be coming next for our menu.”

But in the meantime, for those who want to try even more international fast food -- and happen to be in Chicago -- McDonald’s global headquarters serves as a sort of embassy for its worldwide specialties with a rotating menu of fan favorites.

These dishes include Japan’s Matcha Green Tea McFlurry, France’s Double BBQ Chicken Sandwich, and the United Kingdom’s Cheese Bites.

Back home in San Diego, every McDonald’s restaurant in the county will have the four break-out menu items for the summer, the fast food chain told NBC 7.

To find a restaurant near you, visit McDonald’s store locator.

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