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Mayor Kevin Faulconer Uses Veto Power to Restore Funding for Special Election

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer used his veto power Thursday to restore funding for a special election that would place a hotel tax measure and SoccerCity on the ballot in November.

“Several city councilmembers, who have publicly supported the convention center expansion, fixing our streets and helping the homeless, are being squeezed by their political backers to kill these ballot measures. I urge them to vote their conscience, use this restored funding to call a special election and let the public have the final say,” Faulconer said, in a statement.

Funding for a $5 million special election in November was blocked by the San Diego City Council Monday in an 8-1 vote. But the council approved the overall $3.6 billion budget for the Fiscal Year 2018.

Following the vote, Faulconer announced he would use his veto authority to override the City Council's decision.

They mayor's veto also included other changes to next year's budget, including shifting funding to the San Diego Police Department retention program.

“The City Council and I are united in supporting our police officers, who maximize their resources every day to keep our neighborhoods safe. The councilmembers who made the motion to amend my budget proposal said they wanted more resources for police, so I have reallocated funding from their office budgets for that very purpose,” said Faulconer.

To override a mayoral veto, the City Charter requires a City Council supermajority--six of nine votes--and must do so within five business days.

The City Council will meet Monday to consider calling a special election in November and whether a hotel tax measure should be on the ballot. On June 19, the council will consider whether to place the SoccerCity initiative on the ballot.

The hotel tax hike would be used to fund a Convention Center expansion, street upgrades, and homelessness programs.

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