Many UC Workers Struggle to Pay for Food, Study Says

A new study suggests more than two thirds of UC employees with clerical, administrative and support duties struggle to put food on the table.

The study, published in September, surveyed 2,890 workers across the state who work for the University of California system, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Among the findings, the survey found that 45 percent of UC employees have “very low food security,” meaning they are skipping meals or have a lack of resources to food.

“Eighty percent stated that they had to choose between buying food and paying for their rent or utilities,” the study read. “One out of four faced that decision every month.”

The LA Times reported that most surveyed were college education and earned, on average, $22 an hour.

The study was conducted by an Occidental College professor and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 2010. A UC spokeswoman told The LA Times that the university system is in contract talks with Teamsters.

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