Wife Called 911, Husband Shot by Police

Police shot a business owner in Skyline after his wife called 911 to say her husband was smashing out car windows and telling her they were going to lose everything, investigators said.

When officers arrived at the house Sunday morning on Jamacha Road, Henry Lee, 40, was armed with two knives and a sledgehammer, police said. At least three vehicles in the driveway had their windows smashed out, including a tow truck.

"Armed himself with a hammer, went through the yard as you can see in the driveway there, all the vehicle windows have been shattered, that was done by the suspect with a hammer," said Capt. Jim Collins. "He was acting irrational, threatening her, and smashing windows on the vehicle."

Police say Lee would not cooperate with them.

"He raised the hammer threatening the officers and shots were fired," said Capt. Collins.

Neighbors said they heard 4-5 gunshots.

"The first three were real fast and the two second ones were real fast," said a neighbor.

Lee was shot in the chest and leg. He’s expected to survive.

"I never saw my neighbor lunge at him or at them, I never saw him at all, there was a distance," said a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

Lee owns a tow truck company. His wife told police that he was up all night and was acting “crazy” Sunday morning. She said they were having financial trouble and he told her they were going to lose everything.

"We were really surprised, it’s always been a quiet family, he works all the time, I don't understand what could've happened," said a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

Another neighbor called Lee a “mellow guy.”

"Everybody’s surprised it's from that house, there's nothing that ever goes on at the house, it's pretty quiet," said neighbor Eddie Ochoa.

Lee’s wife was at a next-door neighbor’s house at the time of the shooting. The couple’s 3-year-old and 8-year-old children were still inside the home. They have been reunited with their mother, according to police.

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