San Diego

Man Dies in Lemon Grove House Fire

A Lemon Grove man died in a fast-moving house fire, despite his mother’s attempts to get him out in time, officials said.

The fire started around midnight Friday at a home on Costada Court.

When firefighters got to the home, smoke and flames were pouring out of the front of the house.

Crews rushed to put the fire out and also started a search and rescue while additional firefighters went inside to help locate the homeowner’s adult son.

Investigators say the mother opened her son’s bedroom door, saw flames and smoke. She called out to him but there was nothing she can do, but save her own life at that point, according to San Diego County Sheriff’s Department officials

Fire Investigator Greg Hampton said the son’s bedroom was filled with extension cords, power strips and numerous electrical plugs.

“There was a lot of stuff like that in there so something got hot and started the fire,” he said.

Neighbors said the victim was a man in his 60s who had difficulty walking. The homeowner - described by neighbors as in her 80s - was taken to the hospital just as a precaution.

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