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Man Accused in Attempted Kidnapping Ordered to Undergo Mental Evaluation

A San Diego judge has ordered the mental evaluation of a man accused of attempting to kidnap a middle school student on her way home from school.

Jose Plascencia, 50, was charged with attempted kidnapping and false imprisonment in relation to the attempted kidnapping of a girl near Montgomery Middle School.

Plascencia appeared in court Thursday to face criminal charges in the incident on May 29 as well as three misdemeanor counts of sexual battery tied to incidents on three separate dates.

Judge Theodore Weathers ordered a mental evaluation for Plascencia. 

Police say a 13-year-old girl was walking home on Picador Boulevard near Palm Avenue around 5:17 p.m. when she noticed she was being followed by a man driving a black van.

The van pulled up next to her with the passenger door open and a man inside asked her if she wanted a ride home. He then grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her inside, police said.

The girl managed to pull away and ran home.

A witness came forward and confirmed the girl's report, saying they saw the girl talking to a man in a van, so they made a U-turn to see what was going on. Soon after that, the girl was running from the van, the witness told police.

The girl had stayed late at school to complete extra credit assignments, according to her uncle. 

Plascencia was taken into custody on May 31 on Dennery Road, according to Chula Vista police.

Plascencia was also charged with four other crimes relating to three incidents involving three separate victims.

He was charged with misdemeanor child molestation and misdemeanor sexual battery of a girl under the age of 18, and faces two additional sexual battery charges relating to two adult victims, the San Diego County District Attorney's Office said.

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