Local Teachers, Educators Train at MCRD

Local educators learned an important lesson in what it takes to be a Marine recruit by spending a week experiencing military training meant to show teachers how the Corps can shape the right young person’s career.

With a Marine Drill Instructor yelling, “Get off the bus!” educators began day one of boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (MCRD).

More than two dozen teachers, counselors and coaches got a different kind of education at the week-long training camp.

“The faster they move the louder, they are, the easier it is for us to get the information across to them, and for them retain the information,” explained Sgt. Eddie Gantt.

Claudia Hardin, a 10th grade English teacher from San Diego High School, said she was focused right off the bat.

“The teamwork it was immediate, it was very eye opening,” Hardin said.

Soon enough, it was off to a room where items like cellphones were bagged up and uniforms were issued.

Biology and chemistry teacher Robert Dyson said much of what his students know about the military is what they see in movies.

He said he wanted to partake in the boot camp to find out more about how the Marines can benefit his students at Serra High School.

After suiting up, educators were off to the Confidence and Obstacle Course.

Before taking a smaller fitness course, the educators got to observe Marines as they prepared under pressure - all with purpose.

“When they get into combat or into the fleet them getting yelled or forced to move quicker they are going to act cool, calm, and collected,” said Sgt. Gantt. “Our primary goal is to instill our core values of honor, courage and commitment.”

Finally, after all that, the group of educators were off to MCAS Miramar and Camp Pendleton.

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