Local School Skips Homework Assignments for Students

The school adheres to HELO, home extended learning opportunities.

When it comes to homework, how much is enough?

One local school is rethinking homework---by not assigning any.

At Design39Campus in the Poway Unified School District, there is a “homework is different policy,” according to the principal Joe Erpelding, who also calls it a home connect policy.

The school adheres to HELO, home extended learning opportunities.

“We want you to go outside and play, we want you to read, we want you to expand your vocabulary, go to the grocery store with your mom and help her keep a budget and learn your math facts,” Hilary Duggan told her fourth and fifth grade students.

The students are encouraged to read at home, and to choose a “passion project,” something they like doing.

“When you have ownership over your learning, you have complete engagement in what you're learning, and that what we want to facilitate,” Erpelding said.

“I like to write things, it doesn't matter what it is," a student told NBC 7.

“I like to learn about new things, especially about animals,” another student said.

One student said there was enough time in school to learn the material, making homework unnecessary.

In Texas, a teacher's sent note to parents telling them she was eliminating homework for her second grade class went viral.

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