Local Progressives Protest Democratic Party Meeting

Executive board members for the California Democratic Party held meetings and listened to speakers throughout the day

While the California Democratic party was in San Diego over the weekend for their fall executive board meeting, a group of progressives rallied outside the meeting to protest the way the party has been running.

The former Sanders voters say the party is steering away from more progressive issues and closer to corporate interests.

“People’s health care is still important,” DNC Sanders delegate Jose Caballero tells NBC 7. “We are going to continue to fight.”

Caballero and the other protesters are worried the party has become about money and special interests.

They also believe if the party had backed Sanders he could have won the presidential election.

A spokesperson for the California Democratic Party says that's not the case -- and now more than ever the group needs to come together.

“We want this energy to come into the party,” Michael Soller, communications director of the California Democratic Party, says. “We need everyone to come together, encourage everyone inside and outside to run and be a delegate for the California Democratic Party.”

He says the party still backs the issues this group is rallying for and this energy can be used to move the Democratic Party forward.

Both groups will join together at the Hyatt Regency to hear a speech from a Bernie Sanders surrogate addressing the Progressive Caucus Saturday evening.

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