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Local Leaders, Residents React to Funding Border Wall

On Monday, President Trump backed down from demanding a down payment for the border wall

San Diegans, like many voters in the U.S. have mixed feelings about paying for President Donald Trump's controversial border wall--something he told supporters that Mexico would pay for during his campaign last year.

On Monday, President Trump backed down from demanding a down payment for his border wall, just ahead of a critical deadline and a potential partial government shutdown.

NBC 7 spoke to Congressman Scott Peters (D-52nd District) who called the wall a "waste of money."

"I think the border wall is a bad idea," Peters said. "It's bad for San Diego. It's not the most cost effective way to secure our border."

Peters said he believes the threat of a government shutdown falls on the Republicans.

"Let's fight this wall battle separately if they want to raise it as a policy issue," he added. "Let's not link it to keeping the government open, that's their choice. It's a bad choice."

Candis Givens, a San Diego resident, spoke along similar lines to Peters.

"It's going to cost so much money, I don't get it," Givens said. "Keep our budget at a minimal. Stop being in debt."

But not all were opposed to building a wall between the U.S.-Mexico border--the prototype of which will be built in San Diego.

"I know it is going to cost a lot of money, but on the other side it will save a lot of money long term so it's worth it," said El Cajon resident Paige Ensley.

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