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Local Businesses Still Recovering From Series of Water Main Breaks

"We have half the number of exam rooms that we usually have," said Dr. Crystal Steib. "We don't have a place to put any of our files."

A few local businesses are struggling to bounce back after a series of main pipes broke in San Diego, swamping stores with muddy water and shutting down water utility services last week.

There were a total of four water pipe ruptures with three that burst in the Morena area. The resulting change in pressure throughout the pipe triggered another main break on Interstate 8, blasting a 20-foot high geyser into the sky.

The water wreckage closed down roads, created traffic jams and shut down businesses. One stretch of stores along Morena was sectioned off following the main breaks, as crews worked to repair the pipes.

The Morena Pet Hospital is one of the hardest hit businesses that took the full brunt of damages. As of Tuesday, the location had reopened for business but the outside still resembled a construction zone.

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Dr. Crystal Steib said crews are roping off areas of the hospital and fixing different sections at a time. Their doggie boarding section now doubles as a storage room for files since their bookshelves suffered water damage.

"We have half the number of exam rooms that we usually have," said Steib. "We don't have a place to put any of our files."

Other businesses along Morena have not had to wait as long for water services to return. Avian Exotic Animal Hospital had water services repaired the same day of the water main ruptures. 

"Today is the first day where we've had running water," Steib told NBC 7 on Tuesday. "Intermittently, they would turn it on and try to get it running again and then find a new leak."

Dr. Steib and her staff said they were fortunate not to have any of their equipment damaged.

"Luckily, none of our equipment was damaged so we're still able to function as a hospital and--fingers crossed--our water continues to stay running so we can continue with the cleaning process," added Steib.

After the pipes broke, the store manager of Bird Rock Coffee, Joseph Rusk, had his hands full. He hastily worked to salvage coffee and drain water levels in the cafe. Their water was turned on the next day, but they're still resolving other issues.

"We still are checking the moisture level of those coffees," said Rusk. "So we're not 100 percent sure right now, but right now it's not looking like too much is damaged."

His cafe remained closed for business this week.

"Most of it is affecting our retail business. We are closed for business. We did have to tear out dry wall," said Rusk. "We are having to repair those things and it's all at the insurance level right now of getting everything proofed."

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