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LISTEN: ‘Vanished: The Maya Millete Story' Podcast Dives Into Case of Missing Chula Vista Mother

NBC 7 takes a deep dive into the case, in the new podcast series "Vanished: The Maya Millete Story"

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It has been a year since Chula Vista mother of three May "Maya" Millete was last seen by friends and family, launching an investigation into her whereabouts that has gripped the public.

On Friday, January 7, 2022, the anniversary of her disappearance, NBC 7 takes a deep dive into the case, in the new podcast series "Vanished: The Maya Millete Story," exclusively on NBC 7's "Today in San Diego" podcast.

Episodes will be available every Friday on all podcast platforms.

NBC 7 reporter Allison Ash and assignment editor Lindsay Hood have been following the investigation closely. They’ve spoken to police, family members and many others with close ties to the investigation over the past year.

Episode 1

In episode 1 of "Vanished," the team speaks with Billy Little, an attorney and private investigator, who was hired by Maya’s family to look into her disappearance.

Little started his investigation just a few days after Maya disappeared. Hear as he discusses what he saw inside the Millete home shortly after she vanished and what he observed about Maya's husband, Larry Millete -- who was arrested and charged with her murder nine months after Maya went missing.

Maya's body has still not been found and many questions remain.

Episode 2

After Maya’s disappearance, police searched the Millete home three times before arresting Larry Millete and seizing his guns through a Gun Violence Restraining Order.

Larry Millete has said, since the beginning, he is not responsible for Maya’s disappearance. 

Things aren’t always as they seem.

In this episode of the Maya Millete podcast, law enforcement and private investigator Billy Little tell us what they uncovered about voodoo and how it relates to Maya’s disappearance. 

Episode 3

In the early days and weeks of the police investigation, Maya’s sister Maricris Droulliet said they were only getting updates on the investigation at the same time as the media. Droulliet says she felt the rift between her family and the investigators widening.

Enter Chris Mcdonough. He’s a retired Oceanside homicide detective, who still uses his crime-solving skills through the Cold Case Foundation. He was able to help Maya’s family and Chula Vista police understand one another.

Episode 4

In 2002, a woman named Laci Peterson disappeared from her home in Modesto, California. Eight months pregnant, Laci was last seen on Christmas Eve. Police and volunteers scoured a park close to Laci’s home. Laci’s family held a press conference soon after her disappearance.

Laci’s husband Scott, however, avoided the media and never participated in searches. Sound familiar?

Episode 5

Maricris Droualliet has been searching for her sister, Maya Millete, since she disappeared more than a year ago.

Search teams, including Maricris, her husband Richard, and Maya’s other siblings, have met every weekend for more than a year to try to bring her home.

Maya’s husband Larry has been charged with first degree murder in connection to her disappearance, a charge he has pleaded not guilty to.

In this episode of our special Today in San Diego podcast, “Vanished The Maya Millete Story,” Maricris and Richard share how things have changed for them over the last year.

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