LISTEN: Is There an Easy Fix For the Padres Offensive Woes?

Possibly, according to the OnFriar Podcast hosts

The Padres are 10-7, which is not bad at this point in the season. But, there are serious concerns about their offense (or lack thereof). San Diego is not slugging at all, begging the question:

Can this be fixed? Or is the lineup fatally flawed?

The OnFriar Podcast dove deep into the numbers to find answers. There are a few key things the Padres hitters are not doing so far in 2022. Interestingly, they are the exact things a young man named Fernando Tatis Jr. does better than anyone in the National League.

Odds are Tatis can't turn around the Padres lineup single-handedly (although I wouldn't rule it out completely). So, NBC 7's Derek Togerson and Darnay Tripp diagnose the issues and look at potential fixes with what's already in-house.

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They also look at a budding young slugger down on the Friars Farm and ask whether or not Paddy Pimblett is the Padres good luck charm.

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