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‘Line Went Dead': Father Describes Moments When Son Called, Said He was Shot

"It was such a waste, such a waste this happened," Jay Mesker said

The father of a 21-year-old San Marcos man described the shocking moments he got the call from his son telling him that he had been shot in Las Vegas, saying its the worst thing any parent would ever want to hear.

Zack Mesker was shot in the back as he tried to escape when a gunman opened fire into a crowd of more than 22,000 concertgoers at a country music festival Sunday night near the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

The bullet went through his lower back and abdomen and out his leg. He is still in the Intensive Care Unit at a Las Vegas hospital.

At least 58 people were killed including the shooter and more than were 500 wounded.

"I'm doing good, a little rough when first got the call from Zack," his father, Jay Mesker told NBC 7 Tuesday. "Just called and said 'I've been hit, I've been shot' and then the line went dead."

Mesker said Zack was with his girlfriend when the shooting began--he told her to run.

"I got a call from his girlfriend that what had happened at the concert and that Zack had been hit," Lorraine Mesker, Zack's mother had told NBC 7 Monday night. "He was in triage and they were asking her to run, to leave the scene," she said. 

Zack underwent surgery early Monday morning. Mesker said he has an infection and is in a lot of pain.

He is expected to be okay.

"It was such a waste, such a waste this happened," Mesker said. "We just got to be nice to each other--can't have this go on. We have to stop, we have to get our morals back in balance. It's crazy."

Six of Zack's friends drove to Las Vegas from San Marcos overnight. Mesker said his son can feel the energy.

He told NBC 7 he's thankful for the support from the community in San Diego and Las Vegas.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with Zack's medical expenses. 

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