Mother Fights for Increased Safety on Lemon Grove Road Where Son Was Struck, Killed

One woman is determined to make a Lemon Grove street safer after her 13-year-old son was struck and killed by a car.

On May 3, Trevon Harris was crossing San Miguel Avenue when he was killed in a tragic accident.

“There wasn't even a skid mark. This tells me that person went through -- went through my child and did not see him,” said Tanya Harris, Trevon Harris’ mother. “How can you not see a child -- a person that is in the middle of the road?”

There are signs scattered along San Miguel Avenue, made by residents, warning drivers to slow down.

“And people are still speeding,” Tanya Harris told NBC 7.

The collision happened next to San Miguel Elementary School.

“I am pleading with the city to do what is right,” she said.

Tanya attended a Lemon Grove City Council meeting to ask for speed bumps or a stop sign to 6997 San Miguel Avenue.

NBC 7 reached out to the Lemon Grove city manager and the Lemon Grove school superintendent about their plans for the road safety project. 

They responded Thursday that they are in the initial stages of evaluating how to provide safer pick-up and drop-off points for students and parents. 

The Lemon Grove School District Board of Education reviewed a consultant's  proposal at a meeting on June 25 and will discuss it again at a future board meeting.

“I have a nine-year-old child that is autistic and is considered a runner that runs out into the street, and I have to protect and watch him,” Tanya Harris said. “Heaven forbid that I lose another child on this street due to speeding.”

Tanya Harris said she knows she can't bring her son back but believes her son’s death can help create change.

“To ensure his death was not in vain,” she said as she stood by her son’s makeshift memorial on San Miguel Avenue.

School is out for summer break, but Tanya Harris wants action taken before classes return in late August.

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