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Lemon Grove Mother's Fight for Safety Continues Following Her Son's Death Two Years Ago

Since the death of her son, Tanya Harris, has called for roadway improvements across Lemon Grove including on San Miguel Avenue where the boy was struck

Melissa Adan

Nearly two years ago Trevon Harris, 13, of Lemon Grove was struck and killed by a car on San Miguel Avenue. Since then his mother, Tanya Harris, has called for the City of Lemon Grove to make the roads in their community safer.

“I’m at a point where enough is enough, it’s been two years and the city still fails to do something about this road that’s in front of a school,” said Harris.

On May 3, 2019, Trevon was crossing San Miguel Avenue when he was struck and killed by a car. The San Diego Sheriff's department said investigators interviewed witnesses who say Trevon slipped or fell while running into the roadway.

“So they need something that will deter them, to stop them, to make them slow down on that road,” said Harris.

Since the accident, Harris has attended several City Council meetings and also filed a lawsuit against the City of Lemon Grove.

“Even with the lawsuit pending, the city can still do something. There’s nothing stopping them from making this a priority to ensure that this doesn’t happen to another child or any adult ever,” she said.

In a statement provided by Lemon Grove City Manager Lydia Romero, the city explains they are engaged in a lawsuit with Harris:

“The City is engaged in a lawsuit with Ms. Harris, as she has sued the driver of the car that hit Trevon, the owner of the dog that was chasing Trevon when he ran in between two parked cars and into the street, the landlord there, and the City. Depositions are being taken and experts are looking into how the accident happened. The trial is not until April of 2022."

According to the City Manager a civil trial is expected in April of 2022.

Harris is not alone with her concerns, other Lemon Grove residents tell NBC 7 they too have been impacted by city infrastructure problems.

“The lack of infrastructure here, lack of sidewalks, the way cars just drive there’s no speed bumps, no stop signs,” said Lemon Grove resident Shawn Farson. “There’s no way that I’m going to feel comfortable with my child walking through the city.”

Monday marks two years since Trevon’s passing. On May 3 Harris is hosting a community rally alongside neighbors to voice their concerns.

“We're inviting thecCity to come out and to look, and to hear and to see what the people are wanting and are asking,” Harris said.

Followed by the rally on Monday night there will be a vigil marking the time and date of Trevon's passing.

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