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La Mesa Man Said Wells Fargo Lost His Retirement Funds

Terry Cunningham said he received monthly statements showing his investment growing but when he went to withdraw the funds, the bank couldn’t find his account.

“I worked for a couple of different community clinics,” Terry Cunningham said. 

That was back in the 1990’s but Terry said there was one thing that was fresh on his mind, the nearly $2,000 he saved in a retirement account. 

“And when I left that organization, I thought well I’ll just leave the money in there because that way it will gain money and I will not touch it,” Terry said. 

Terry had money taken out and placed in a 403-B retirement account. That was many years ago and now, Terry wanted his money. 

“I retired a few years ago and my tax man said you should really consolidate all of that money and do a major investment,” Terry said. 

For years, Terry had been getting statements from Lincoln Investment showing the money was still there and held in a Wells Fargo bank account. 

“Wells Fargo could never find the account,” Terry said. 

Terry said he tried for years to retrieve his money, sometimes getting angry and sometimes nearly giving up. 

“So I kind of let it slide and then I thought, to heck with it, it’s my money and I should be able to get it,” Terry said. 

Terry’s calls to Wells Fargo only ended in failure and he thought there was no chance he would see the money in that account. 

“I just got really frustrated and I just happen to be watching television, I saw your show and thought why not,” Terry said. 

Terry contacted NBC 7 Responds and we reached out to Wells Fargo. Representatives promised to investigate Terry’s complaints and look for his missing money. It took a little time but Terry said he eventually received what he was looking for. 

“I got a check in the mail last week for the $1,900,” Terry said.

In an email, Helen Bow with Wells Fargo Corporate Communications told NBC 7 Responds, “At Wells Fargo Advisors, our clients are at the center of all that we do. We are working directly with our client, along with the other firms involved, towards a positive resolution.”

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