San Diego

Children Snorkeling in La Jolla Cove Rescued by Lifeguards

It's one of the most beautiful sections of the coastline in Southern California and on Wednesday, a large group of children snorkeling in the water was in danger of getting seriously hurt.

Lifeguards and bystanders jumped in to help pull more than a dozen children from the water at La Jolla Cove Wednesday after a large swell put them in danger of getting pushed into the rocks. 

Will Owen said the waves had just picked up when he heard a woman shout out that a child needed help.

“There might have been about 30 kids in the water,” Owen said. “Boats came up too and lifeguards on surfboard just pulling everyone out."

A large south swell pushed snorkelers from a day camp into the rocky area, according to Sgt. Kirsten Rich, City of San Diego Lifeguard Division.

“We had almost all of our guards in the water and lifeguards rescued about 15 people,” Rich said.

She advised anyone visiting The Cove to check in with lifeguards before entering the water.

Owen, who is visiting San Diego, said even he received a few cuts on his legs because of the rocks on the bottom of the shore.

No one was injured.

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