Kittens Found Stowed Away Inside Steel Column

Meows coming from inside a steel column led to the discovery of a litter of kittens believed to have traveled hundreds of miles from Hayward to San Diego. 

Construction workers at the site of a new medical facility in Clairemont Mesa were unloading a 60-foot steel column when someone heard a strange sound coming from inside the column. 

“Sixty feet tall, 14,000 pounds and they were in there in this dark little hole,” said worker Evan McColl.

Employees of DPR Construction found five kittens on a truck that had traveled from Hayward, California. 

McColl estimates that the kittens had been in the column for at least two days without food or water. 

San Diego Humane Society
The kittens were found inside one of these columns used in the construction.

The approximately one-week old kittens were handed over to the San Diego Humane Society. 

The kittens, now four weeks old, have been in foster care. The three males and two females have been given names linking them to the construction site: Chisel, Crowbar, Jackhammer, Piper and Rebar.

Once they're eight weeks old they will be put up for adoption. 

For the construction crew, it was a truly memorable experience. 

“I got to go home and tell my daughter, 'Daddy got to rescue some kittens today,’” McColl said. "She was super stoked on it."

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