Kids Can Have Some Contact With Father, Maya Millete's Murder-Suspect Husband: Judge

Larry Millete, 41, has been jailed since last October on suspicion of murdering his wife, who disappeared on Jan. 7, 2021

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Until this week, the man accused of murdering his 39-year-old wife, May "Maya" Millete, a Chula Vista woman who remains missing more than 18 months after disappearing from her home, was unable to communicate with his children, per a court order.

In October of last year, a judge ruled Larry Millete, 41, was only allowed to speak to his attorney from jail after violating a court order prohibiting him from contacting his three children. Deputy District Attorney Christy Bowles said at the time that since his arrest a week prior, Millete had made 129 phone calls to his parent’s home, where his children were currently living. In the calls, Millete allegedly asked one of the kids to read headlines to him and also told two of the children to watch an R-rated film called “Shock Caller” to “understand the environment he is in.” The film is about a well-to-do family man who is jailed for killing and, after a plea deal and becomes a hardened prisoner.

After Larry Millette's arrest for his alleged role in the death of Chula Vista mom Maya Millete, her sister made an emotion plea for help locating her sister's body.

In court in Chula Vista on Tuesday, however, Judge Dwayne Moring modified the criminal protective order against Millete, whose only spoke in court when asked if he understood the guidelines, to which he replied, "Yes, sir." Per a request from his defense attorney, Millete will now be allowed to have written communication with his children. However, telephonic communication and in-person visits are still forbidden.

The children — who are now 5, 11 and 12 years old — are currently embroiled in a guardianship dispute between Millete's parents and Maya's sister and brother-in-law, Maracris and Richard Drouaillet, who were both in court on Wednesday as well. They declined to comment when asked.

Millete has been jailed since October 2021 on suspicion of murdering his wife, who disappeared on Jan. 7, 2021.

Prosecutors want to keep Larry Millete in jail without bail because, they said, he could be a danger to his children if released, reports NBC 7's Allie Raffa.

On Wednesday, the judge ruled that any letters must be reviewed by the children’s court-appointed guardian, who will monitor the communications for any inappropriate content, which would include discussing the case or attempts to unduly influence the children.

Prosecutor argued against the modification to the protective order, saying, in part, that the children are potential witnesses and collateral victims, and were likely in the family's South Bay home when their mother was killed. The DA's office argued that Millete had previously demonstrated “controlling and manipulative “ behavior when he was allowed to talk to kids.

Late last month, Millete was ruled mentally competent to stand trial. In June, his defense attorney, Bonita Martinez, declared doubts about her client's competency to stand trial, which halted the criminal case.

The husband of Chula Vista mom May "Maya" Millete was arraigned in court in Chula Vista Thursday afternoon.

Millete is due back in court on Dec. 6 for a status conference, and then again on Jan. 11, for a preliminary hearing. During that hearing, which is expected to last up to three weeks, the prosecution will present evidence it believes will support the charges of murder and unlawful possession of an assault weapon filed against him.

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