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‘Jeff and the Showgram' Off the Air After Decades on San Diego Radio

The morning radio ensemble – Jeff Detrow, Tommy Sablan, Laura Cain and Emily Griffiths – were on the air Tuesday on KyXy 96.5 but, by Wednesday, their show had been abruptly canceled

A beloved radio program on San Diego’s airwaves for nearly 30 years has been canceled – much to the dismay of loyal listeners.

“Jeff and the Showgram” – co-hosted by Jeff Detrow, Tommy Sablan, Laura Cain and Emily Griffiths – was “in the air” as usual Tuesday morning on KyXy 96.5 FM. But on Wednesday, when listeners tuned in during the morning commute, the show was abruptly gone.

Sablan confirmed to NBC 7 that the “Showgram” was canceled.

Sablan said he’s proud of the work the show has done over the past three decades – not only on the air but in the community. He said that, by now, listeners are more like family.

“I love it when we get messages from someone saying, ‘Hey, I take my kids to school listening to you guys, my mom took me to school listening to you guys too,’” Sablan said.

While the "Showgram” is gone, for now, Sablan is confident the radio program will land on its feet.

“I am optimistic we will be back,” he added.

The radio show, formerly called "The Jeff and Jer Showgram," had been on the air in San Diego since May 3, 1988.

For 27 years, it was helmed by broadcasters Detrow and Cesak, with Sablan serving as producer and on-air sidekick. Cain joined the team in 1992, while Hoag joined in 1993. Griffiths rounded out the ensemble in 2009.

When Cesak retired from radio in October 2015, the program was renamed "Jeff and the Showgram." At that time, Sablan said KyXy had signed the show on for a few more years.

In 2016, the "Showgram" saw another change when Hoag left the program. Since then, Detrow, Sablan, Cain, and Griffiths had been holding down the fort.

Over the decades, the show has bounced around several different local radio stations, including a run on Star 94.1 where a contract dispute took the show off the air in 2009. For a couple of years, Cesak and Detrow produced an online radio show from Cesak's garage.

The show eventually found a home on KyXy, debuting its first broadcast on that station on Jan. 24, 2011. "The Jeff and Jer Showgram" was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016.

For now, "Showgram" listeners -- all 11 of them, as Detrow often likes to joke on the air -- will have to hang tight to learn if, in fact, the show will go on elsewhere.

Many fans have taken to Sablan's Facebook page to voice their disappointment and offer words of appreciation for all of the laughs, all of these years.

NBC 7 reached out to KyXy for comment Wednesday on the dismissal of the "Showgram"; we have not yet heard back from the station. The "Showgram" is no longer listed on the station's website as part of station's programming.

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