It's Not Just Romaine: Officials Warn Of Other Tainted Foods Before Thanksgiving

Here is a list of all the foods recalled right before the holiday

California may be the source of romaine lettuce blamed in an outbreak of E. coli infections that have made over 50 people sick in 11 states and Canada.

The Food and Drug Administration came out with the new information Wednesday.

The FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have cautioned people not to eat romaine lettuce while they investigate the outbreak.

"My wife loves salads. We just bought a bunch of lettuce, a lot of it romaine," said Terry Cook, who lives in Clairemont. "Now she's worried about it. She doesn't want to throw it away but doesn't know what she is going to do with it." 

It is advised that any romaine already in your fridge should be thrown out right away. Experts said you should also clean any drawers or surfaces the lettuce might have touched. 

There are other foods as well that have recalls before Thanksgiving. 

Ground turkey from Jennie-O resulted in a salmonella outbreak that lead to one death and 164 reported illnesses. 

Several Duncan Hines cake mixes were taken off the shelves in early Nomember after the Classic White brand tested positive for salmonella in a sample. Classic Yellow, Confetti and Butter Gold are also recalled. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said beef from the brands Swift Ground Beef and Blue Ribbon Ground Beef may be contaminated with traces of E. coli, leading to a recall. Officials made the announcement Saturday. 

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