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Islamic Relations Group Pressing for East County School Vice Principal's Dismissal

East County advocates for cultural sensitivity in schools are calling for the termination of a Cajon Valley Union School District Vice Principal.

“You terminate Vice Principal Gregory Calvert from his position because of the extreme lack of caring and safety of the children, safety of the staff and safety of the teachers and administrators,” Council on American Islamic Relations spokesperson Mejgan Afshan said.

Gregory Calvert was the principal at Greenfield Middle school last March when a Muslim student there was bullied by classmates.

The 14-year-old girl and her parents were harassed by eight to 10 students that followed her home. She says she was ridiculed for her hijab.

Calvert remains in the school district, he left Greenfield Middle School and became Vice Principal of Chase Elementary, but some two dozen people at Thursday’s Cajon Valley Union School Board meeting pressed for his termination. They also called for policy changes in the district.

But the district Superintendent is standing by his administrator.

"I think that is bullying and it is really inappropriate for an advocacy group to make such comments," Superintendent David Miyashiro said.

The Superintendent says the district has invested heavily in its cultural diversity curriculum and will continue to do more.

The advocacy group says the bullying and race-based complaint calls have only increased since the March incident was first made public.

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