‘I'm So Thankful': 2 Rescued From Truck Fire

After two people survived a horrible crash on the 163 in Kearny Mesa Thursday, their families are realizing just how miraculous their escape was.

Chris Mitchell, 22, and Marlene Filares, 20, were driving to their job at Servpro in San Marcos Thursday when an 18-year-old rear-ended their work truck sending it over a bridge on the 163 down to the 805 where it burst into flames.

“He really didn’t know what happened,” Rob Robinson, Chris Mitchell’s stepdad said. “He’s looking at us; we’re saying ‘are you okay?’ but he didn’t know what happened.”

Three men jumped into action and pulled Mitchell and Filares from the flames .

“I’m numb,” Fernanda Robinson, Mitchell’s mother said. “I just can’t believe, seeing that video. I’m so thankful the guys were there to help them out and take them out of the truck just in time.”

The Robinsons also said they are grateful to the Servpro supervisors who have been at the hospital nonstop.

Filares went home Thursday, but Mitchell remains in the hospital with a three fractured ribs and a fractured cheek.

“No matter what you hear about people not caring, people do care,” Rob Robinson told NBC 7. “People go out of their way to help you. Those people were there and that’s just perfect evidence – that three young guy’s would stop and put themselves in danger."

Their supervisor believes fuel caught the truck on fire because only moving boxes were inside the vehicle.

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