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How To Tell If Your Vote Has Been Compromised By Hackers

Officials said the Russian hack into the U.S. election is far more wide-spread than initially thought.

Information first reported by Bloomberg Tuesday reveals U.S. officials have confirmed 39 states, including California, had critical election systems compromised.

“Attackers can actually get to the level of voter data, you as a voter, or me as a voter, and change it," said Ted Harrington, a cybersecurity expert in San Diego.

Russia has publically denied any meddling in the U.S. election.

Homeland Security said in California, a private contractor manging the election systems was hacked. Cyber security officials believe it was VR Systems, which makes an electronic voter identification system used by poll workers.

There is a simple way to check if your vote might have been compromised and it only takes a few minutes.

Go to the California Secretary of State website and search for voter registration information. Click on the county you are registered to vote in and type in the personal information it asks for.

If your name or address is changed or incorrect, it could mean your vote was tampered with by Russian hackers.

“If the attacker can take that information and change it in some way where you are now not registered to vote in this location, you might not be able to cast your vote and that might have an impact on the election," said Harrington.

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