Hoverboards Linked to More and More Injuries

They may be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season, but hoverboards are being linked to more and more injuries.

“We have a large amount of cases related to hoverboard injuries and falls because when a kid falls they automatically try to brace themselves, that's when you see injuries,” Dr. Ahmad Bailony of Sharp Chula Vista told NBC 7.

‘Epic fail’ Youtube videos are everywhere – even taking down celebrities like Mike Tyson, but doctors like Ahmad Bailony say its’ no laughing matter.

“The other big thing we think about today is trauma to the head, especially with all the stuff going on with concussions,” Dr. Bailony added.

Nationwide hospitals are seeing an uptick in hoverboard related injuries.

Sharp urgent care has seen numerous cases since Christmas, including patients with fractures. Rady Children’s hospital has also had a handful of injuries.

As a result of these rising numbers, more San Diego personal injury attorneys are advertising their services. A quick google search turned up several options specifically targeting hoverboard cases.

Bailoney and other doctors are preparing themselves for more patients, but say the best thing to do doesn't involve hospitals or lawyers.

“If you can prevent an injury that's the best kind of health,” Bailony advised.

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