House Fire, Explosions Wake Nestor Neighborhood


A candle near a couch sparked a house fire in Nestor early Monday. 

The fire started around 2: 45 a.m. Monday in the 1800 block of Cabrena Street.

A candle burning near the couch where a woman was sleeping started the fire. The woman reported feeling the heat of the flame, saw the couch was on fire and then got two others out of the home including a man and a baby.

Several neighbors were awakened by the sound of explosions coming from the garage. Many called 911. When crews arrived there was smoke and flames pouring out of the garage.

Apparently, as the trio left the home, they left the door to the garage open allowing the fire to spread into the garage.

Firefighters originally reported there was no power to the home and that there was hardly any furniture inside, just a couch, then added that it appears the residents were getting ready to move out of the home.

Flames destroyed a vehicle parked in the home's garage and left smoke damage throughout the house. 

The Red Cross will help the people who have been displaced by the fire.

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