Hot Time to Be in Business of Cool Air

In the deserts, temperatures were well above 100 degrees over the weekend

Several days of record temperatures and unusually high humidity have air-conditioning repair companies buzzing around San Diego County.

Call operators have been fielding thousands of calls the last few days, companies said Monday.

Some companies told NBC 7 there are so many callers asking for air conditioning assistance it makes them “want to cry.”

At ASI The White Glove Guys it’s been all hands on deck, said Maria Baldwin, the VP of Operations.

“I have our general manager on the phone,” she said, “Our finance coordinator, our install manager, our install coordinator and eight or nine customer care reps, plus our office manager.”

In the field, service technicians were busy too, working overtime in the intense heat.

ASI Service Technician Phil Mitman sees eight to 10 customers a day during the heat when a typical day's schedule involves half as many clients.

“You make sure that you’re hydrated and stay cool,” Mitman said, “As hot as it is out here, the attics are even worse.”

AC repair companies urge San Diegans to get their units looked at before the next heat wave hits.

The most common issues have to do with the filters needing cleaning.

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