SD-Based Petco Drops Supplier Accused of Abuse

Petco spokesperson said the company, based in San Diego, has already severed ties with the supplier

Animal rights group PETA released video Wednesday of a so-called "Hamster Mill" and they say the animals were being shipped to Petco stores.

San Diego-based Petco said the care and treatment of animals extends beyond their many stores and to their suppliers as well. On Wednesday, company spokesperson said Petco has already severed ties with this particular supplier.

Images distributed by animal rights group PETA following a three-month video investigation shows cramped and filthy living conditions alleged inside Pennsylvania-based Holmes Farm.

The US Department of Agriculture confirms they're investigating Holmes Farm which raises more than 16,000 hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and other small animals.

PETA said in some cases the animals were frozen alive and were often left to die in their own waste, deprived of basic veterinary care.

Holmes Ranch says it's cooperating with USDA and they're confident the concerns will be resolved.

On Wednesday, Petco said, "As a result of our own recent inspections at Holmes Chinchilla Ranch, which are a regular part of our strict vendor oversight protocol, we identified that they did not meet our animal care standards, and have terminated our relationship"

However, PETA said Petco was ordering and receiving animals by the hundreds for more than a month after their December visit.

Petco did not say if any of the animals from Holmes Ranch ever reached any San Diego area stores.

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