A Warning About Phishing Scams This Holiday Season

Test your phishing spotting skills

The holidays are a busy time of year for shoppers, but also for scam artists.  

Scammers will increase the number of phishing emails trying to trick people into giving out their personal information. Since many people shop online, you might be quicker about clicking on links that appear to be from their bank, credit card company or popular online store.

"We're also seeing a lot of messages around brands," said ESET Senior Security Researcher Stephen Cobb.

It could be an email that claims to be from Walmart, CVS, Southwest Airlines or Amazon. But the con artists sending the emails could just be using the company name or logo to throw people off and build trust.  

But when they click on the link inside the email it could download malware, a virus or steal personal financial information.

"The bad guys are getting better at crafting these things so they look legitimate," said Cobb.

So how good are you at picking out the phishing emails from the regular emails?  ESET and the NBC Today show put together a fun quiz using a mix of real emails from companies and phishers.

Can you get 100 percent right? Take the quiz below.

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