Hang Up The Cell Phone And Drive

National group pushes to ban all cell phone use behind the wheel

California already has a ban on talking  and texting, and now hands free devices may be included.  The National Safety Council (NSC) is pushing to ban all cell phone use while driving. They say the use of any mobile device behind the wheel can be a deadly distraction. 

The NSC is asking governors and legislators across the country to make it against the law to talk on the phone and drive.

But even people who think it's a wise idea aren't sure they can give up the convenience.

"It's probably a good idea for safety.  But I wouldn't want it.  I use my phone a lot," said Lisa Nitsch.

Lisa Nitsch visited San Diego from Maryland.  She said she's impressed with California's hand's free law.  She said her home state is trying to pass a similar law but she's skeptical that's enough to keep drivers focused.

“With a hand's free device I feel a lot safer but I know I'm still distracted so it's probably a smart idea even though it would hurt a little,” Nitsch said.

For many people the cell phone is a lifeline to work.  Drivers like Johnny Rice II, are using long commutes for productive business calls.

“So I know I do a lot of business in my car but I also understand the risk that's associated with not paying attention on the road," Rice said.

The National Safety Council led the "Click it or Ticket" seat belt campaign.  Group leaders said they are hopeful a similar behavior change will stop cell phone use while driving.

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