Gyms Holding Out Hope for 1 Week of Yellow Tier Before June 15

It'll only be one week, but relaxed rules under yellow tier, if San Diego County gets there, could go a long way for gyms trying to recover from the pandemic

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Gyms and fitness centers in San Diego County are waiting to hear whether the county will move to the less-restrictive yellow tier of California’s coronavirus rebuilding plan. 

Right now, the county sits in the orange tier, which means gyms can only allow 25% occupancy. Under the yellow tier, occupancy would rise to 50% and saunas and steam rooms could re-open.

If San Diego County moves to the yellow tier, the shift would come just one week before Governor Newsom plans to dismantle the tiers and allow California to return to normal.

Fortis Fitness and Yoga Lux in Bressi Ranch has no plans to make changes in the yellow tier. Owner Adam Jacobs said they’re” saving up” for June 15.

“We had a plan in place to get there originally so we’re gonna stick with that plan since it’s only another week after that,” Jacobs said.

Since his gym is in a huge open warehouse-style building, Jacobs said they’ve been able to accommodate members with socially-distanced classes. He said his clients appreciate all the health and safety protocols now in place.

People must wear masks to enter and exit Fortis, but are able to remove them during workouts.

“You’re in your contained space. That will change come the 15th as regulations loosen up a little bit. We won’t require masks coming in and out of the facility as long as you’re vaccinated," he said.

But how will gym owners know who is vaccinated? 

“We trust our members,” Jacobs said, adding that his gym will not ask people to show proof that they’ve gotten their shots.

Right across the street at F-45 Bressi Ranch, occupancy is already hovering around 50%, according to studio manager Gabrielle Banh. Banh explained that workouts are socially distanced, and the front doors kept open for air circulation. She doesn’t have any plans to ask clients about their vaccination status.

“All of our coaches are vaccinated,” she said. “The majority of our members are vaccinated, and if people are comfortable with showing up and working out who am I to say we need proof of X, Y and Z? If you are comfortable with showing up and doing the work and coming here every day, by all means, I’m not going to stop you.”

In a written statement, EōS Fitness, which has a gym in Encinitas, said it looks forward to the yellow tier:

“EōS Fitness is thrilled to be able to expand our operations to even more of our members as San Diego County is anticipated to move to the yellow tier this week. A move into the yellow tier means our San Diego County EōS locations will be able to welcome members at 50% capacity. It also means for the first time in more than a year, the EōS locations offering indoor hot tubs and saunas will be reopening these amenities for members.

As more of our members join us to workout, the safety and well-being of our team members, members and the communities we serve remains our top priority. EōS Fitness will continue to enforce all state and local health guidelines, including the wearing of masks, the sanitization of equipment prior to and after each use, and social distancing.

EōS believes gyms are an essential and valuable resource for the health and overall wellness of San Diego County residents. Being able to offer more of our members the opportunity to interact together and workout with us in person is a positive step in the right direction for our communities and in our collective fight against COVID-19.”

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