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Gym Owners Prepare For Reopening With Potential Pilot Program

County supervisors approved a pilot program that would allow some phase three businesses to open

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County supervisors approved a pilot program that would allow some phase 3 businesses to open. The pilot program would allow outdoor religious services and pools at apartments and housing complexes to open up at 25% capacity. It would also allow hair salons and gyms to open up at a 25% capacity too.

The Stay Classy CrossFit Gym in Barrio Logan is excited about the opportunity to reopen their business even if it's at a limited capacity.

Although they've been closed during the pandemic, 80% of their members have continued to pay full price for their memberships. The gym owners said members will be getting credit to enjoy personal training, meal prep plans, beverages, protein bars, merchandise or massages once they reopen.

The gym has also offered $50 monthly memberships to athletes who want to take advantage of one of four Zoom classes they have been offering online every day.

The owners say they are ready to meet whatever guidelines the state of California makes for them including reducing class sizes to maintain social distancing. They will also offer more class slots to accommodate for lower class numbers and build time into the schedule to allow for sanitation of each workout station in between classes.

Risk management firms like GreenLightCheck say they have hundreds of small business clients who have signed up for their service over the last month to make sure that they are meeting local mandates, even if they're insured.

"We help the gym owners document that they're cleaning in between every single visit. So just in case there is some legal liability brought against them, they can document that...' We did our due diligence,'" said owner Traci Popovich.

The pilot program would need approval by the Governor. He doesn't have a specific deadline about when he has to respond, but county supervisors have told NBC 7 that they're hoping to get his thoughts by Friday.

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