Grammy Award-Winning Musician Finds Social ‘Media' Justice

Mission Valley bass player Kevin Cooper experienced a devastating loss and then redemption thanks to the power of San Diego's music community and Facebook

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It's been a week of wide-ranging emotions for Grammy award-winning bass player Kevin Cooper who saw friends and strangers come together on his behalf in what can only be described as "social media justice."

While his story of redemption comes under the backdrop of nationwide protests, it has nothing to do with the racial tension sweeping America. It does however have everything to do with the hope he now feels for our country's future.

If we unify we can conquer anything, man

Kevin Cooper

Last weekend, Cooper discovered his car had been broken into just outside his home and $5,000 worth of equipment stolen, including his prized bass guitar.

"Everything I live for is music, and it was taken away," Cooper said. "Almost like my child or something, it felt like it was kidnapped."

The guitar carried both sentimental and tangible value as he makes his living playing for live audiences around the nation.

He called the police and felt mostly hopeless, but decided to do the only thing in his control: put out a call for help on Facebook.

Cooper posted pictures of the stolen guitar and equipment and asked people to keep an eye out.

To his amazement, the post generated a lot of interest and comments, but more importantly, hundreds and hundreds of shares.

"Those 400 shares got more shares and then more shares," Cooper said.

Just a few days later a friend called him with some unexpected news.

"He kinda played the game and was like 'did you find your stuff?', and I was like 'no man I'm so depressed, been in bed, can't eat', and he's like 'I'm kidding we got your stuff,'" Cooper said.

His friend knew the manager of a music store in National City who saw the shared post and the manager had recognized the guitar which had been brought in to get serviced along with the rest of his stolen equipment.

While police are now on the trail, Cooper is just happy to be playing his guitar again.

The experience inspired him to write and compose a new song called "You're Never Alone".

"Everybody from every race and every political view joined together and made it happen. It was a sign to me that if we unify, we can conquer anything man," Cooper said.

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