San Diego International Airport Launches Sustainable Travel Program

The Good Traveler program costs $1 and will run through the end of 2015, at least for now, at the San Diego International Airport

The San Diego International Airport (SAN) has launched a program designed to encourage sustainable jet-setting and offset the carbon footprint created by air travel.

The San Diego Airport Authority announced a pilot program Thursday dubbed “The Good Traveler,” which enables travelers to offset the environmental impact of their journey in an easy way – and for only a buck.

Here’s how it works: for $1, travelers can buy a Good Traveler tag or sticker that can be placed on a bag, laptop or phone case. Airport officials say 100 percent of proceeds will benefit three environmentally-friendly projects: the restoration of a California forest, a wind farm project in Idaho and a water restoration project in the Colorado Delta.

Airport officials say each $1 purchase of the Good Traveler tag will offset the equivalent of the carbon footprint created by 500 miles of air travel or 200 miles of driving.

Additional “carbon offsets” and merchandise can be purchased through this program, with proceeds going toward conservation efforts that help counteract the effect of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Good Traveler tag is available for purchase at certain concessions at SAN, including Ryan Bros. Coffee.

According to the Airport Authority, the pilot program at SAN will run through the end of this year. At that point, the airport hopes to expand the program to other airports and cities.

The airport is also running an art competition now through Oct. 14 to find a new design for a Good Traveler T-shirt that will later be sold.

The Good Traveler program was first developed in February 2014 after SAN became the first U.S. airport to sign the Climate Declaration addressing climate change. After that, SAN conducted a review of how to provide passengers with an option to offset the environmental impact of their travel, and this program was born.

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