Goldsmith Appears Headed For Victory

UPDATED: With 76% of San Diego precincts reporting, Superior Court Judge Jan Goldsmith was maintaining a 59-41% lead in his race to unseat incumbent City Attorney Michael Aguirre.

At an election night party at the Westgate Hotel, Goldsmith said he ran "a good campaign" and asserted that voters recognized there was "no blurring" of his views versus Aguirre's.

"It's pretty clear at this point," he said.

When asked if he expected to hear from Aguirre, he said, "I have my cell phone on but I don't expect to get a call."

He said he planned Wednesday to work on rebuilding the City Attorney's office.

Mayor Jerry Sanders said he's looking forward to having a city attorney who did not want to be mayor.

"I don't want to be a mayor -- I've already been a mayor," Goldsmith said.  "At this point, I want to be a city attorney."

Earlier in the night, Aguirre had remained optimistic, saying he hoped voters on Tuesday would cast their ballots for him.

"I just felt that there was more support -- his was a negative campaign," Aguirre said.

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