San Diego

Food Truck Gas Leak Forces Evacuations in Chula Vista

A leaking propane tank from a popular food truck forced residence of a Chula Vista neighborhood to evacuate overnight.

Firefighters were called to the neighborhood near D Street and 2nd Avenue, just west of Interstate 805 just before 9 p.m. Tuesday because a rusty 50-gallon propane tank began leaking underneath the food truck, the Chula Vista Fire Department (CVFD) said.

Firefighters feared the gas tank could explode and some nearby residents were evacuated.

"The explosive readings that we get tell us that it's in a range that it could burn, so at that point we've got to take action to take secure the scene and the area so that we don’t have some kind of fire or explosion," CVPD Battalion Chief David Albright said. 

Crews determined the best course of action was to either remove the tank or let it burn off. Video of the scene shows firefighters lighting a gas line from the tank on fire in order to contain the blaze.

CVFD said the method is common to contain excess gas.

An expert with Amerigas was called in as a consultant. Hazardous Materials crews from both the county and city of San Diego were also called in. 

Once the leak was contained, residents were allowed back into their homes. 

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