Floored Over a Defective Couch

NBC 7 Responds helps a Bay Park couple get a refund for a faulty couch

Paul Selinger and his wife needed a couch for their new home in Bay Park. They found the perfect couch at the Jerome’s Furniture store on Morena Boulevard.

“We were really happy when we found the sofa and we never intended to have any problems with it,” said Selinger.

But the happiness was short lived. Five months after buying the couch, Paul noticed something strange with the cushions.

“I’ve noticed that the supporting cushion, or the block that sits underneath the cushion that supports it, was collapsing under me,” said Selinger.

He immediately called Jerome’s and the company sent a technician out to look at the couch.

“He took a look and he said, ‘oh, yeah it’s a faulty design. I have seen several of those returned and left in the warehouse,’” Selinger told NBC 7 Responds.

Selinger says Jerome’s agreed to take the couch back and offer him store credit, per company policy.

Selinger and his wife went to Jerome’s but couldn’t find the right couch for their home so they asked for a refund.

“It came directly from management headquarters, no refund just store credit,” said Selinger.

After some back and forth, Selinger decided to call NBC 7 Responds for help.

“At that point I said, you know what, I am calling Consumer Bob,” he said. “And thankfully for mobile phone technology I called right then and there in front of them”

A few weeks later Jerome’s agreed to make an exception and gave the Selinger’s their money back.

“You made the difference,” added Selinger. “Without you I would have been left standing there, looking silly.”

We reached out to Jerome’s. In a statement a spokesperson thanked NBC 7 Responds for bringing the issue to their attention and due to the circumstances the company “felt the special occasion warranted going above and beyond our stated refund policies to do the right thing.”

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