Miramar Firefighters Run to Raise Money for Teammate's Son with Cancer

A group of local firefighters is getting ready to do something most of us could not imagine: running a marathon in their firefighting gear.

The firefighters at Station 61 on Miramar have banded together to run the race for one they consider their own, a 10-year-old son of a fellow firefighter.

Once they learned that firefighter Adam Martinez’s son, Isaac, had leukemia for the second time, they were heartbroken.

"Isaac is almost like a son to all of us,” said firefighter James Stark.

Isaac is undergoing chemotherapy that will have him in and out of the hospital in the coming months.

"So, it was immediately, OK, what are we going to do,” Stark said. “What can we do to help Adam."

What they decided to do was the opposite of waiting around. The group plans to run the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in full firefighter gear.

"Oh, it means a lot,” Adam Martinez said. “Family goes beyond your blood. It's more than blood. It's loyalty to me."

The running is their way of raising money and awareness.

"Even though my legs might be tired, Isaac's in a bed right now,” his father said. “He's got true heart. So, what he's doing stands for something. And so if he can do that, we can do this."

The GoFundMe page for Isaac has raised almost $8,000 so far. Everything beyond the family’s costs, they say they will donate to pediatric cancer research.

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