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Fertility Clinics Taking Extra Precautions During Pandemic to Continue to Offer Services to Women

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting really everything, and that includes medical procedures that rely so much on timing, like Invitro Fertilization (IVF).

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Many fertility clinics have closed during COVID-19, but one San Diego clinic stayed open and is working around the clock to keep patients on schedule and safe.

Gen 5 Fertility Center is a large international fertility clinic that generally serves those who are reproductively older and those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The president of the center knew he was not going to shut the doors at all because women need to have those services available.

He watched closely at what was happening in China and put safety measures in place right away.

One of the new practices his clinic adopted was ensuring that no two patients were allowed to enter Gen 5 at the same time. All patients are required to wear a mask, gloves and have their temperature checked when entering the building.

Patients who plan to undergo IVF will have COVID-19 testing performed during the process.

Each patient must also pass a pre-screening telephone call as well as an onsite screening, and follow the stay-at-home order very carefully.

The staff, as well, are not taking any chances.

Dr. Samuel Wood, President & Director of Fertility Services at Gen 5 Fertility Center has already been tested for COVID-19 eight times.

“What bothers me so much is that many fertility centers shut down," he told NBC 7. "They were not required to shut down but they did. And it’s not elective. Having a baby is not elective. When you’re infertile, it has the same impact on you as it does of a diagnosis of cancer."

Another service Gen 5 offers is ovarian rejuvenation therapy.

Women who need this are usually over the age of 35, with poor egg quality and quantity, and/or were told that they have no hope.

Gen 5 is hosting a webinar on Saturday to discuss ovarian rejuvenation. For more information on the webinar, click here.

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