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Father Joe Recovers From Surgery and Encourages Public to Donate Blood

Father Joe Carroll encouraged the public to continue donating in his name through Feb. 14 on Valentine's Day.

The San Diego Blood Bank is now requesting blood donations in support of Father Joe Carroll, who is known for tirelessly working to supporting the homeless.

Father Joe, one of San Diego’s nonprofit leaders and Medal of Honor recipient, is recognized for his outreach programs for the homeless community. That includes Father Joe's Villages which can house just under 2,000 people on any night, according to its website.

He underwent surgery last Thursday due to complications with diabetes. When his doctors noted that he might require a blood supply on hand, the San Diego Blood Bank requested donors give blood ahead of his surgery.

His surgery went well, and in the end, he didn't need a blood transfusion, said a spokesperson for the Blood Bank. But Father Joe is continuing to encourage the public to donate blood for hospital patients throughout San Diego and beyond.

“We don’t always think of regularly scheduled surgeries like my own as needing blood,” Father Joe said, in a statement. “I wanted to get the word out to people to come and donate for me and for all of our neighbors.”

The public was asked to continue donating in his name through Feb. 14 on Valentine's Day. At that time, the blood bank will share how many people donated in his name.

As of Monday, 230 donors have given blood in his name. In order to donate, Blood Bank officials said you must be at least 17 years old (or 16 years old with parent's permission), weigh 114 pounds and be in general good health.

Father Joe continued, “When I found out blood needed to be available for my surgery, it struck me that I wanted to make sure there was enough blood to not only meet my needs but the needs of our entire community.”

Visit the San Diego Blood Bank to learn more about donating blood for Caroll. You can make an appointment and mention "Father Joe" when you donate.

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