San Diego

Experts Weigh in on Biggest Scams In San Diego Right Now

Since 2015, there have been 71,000 scams executed in the United States, according to the Better Business Bureau.

"Robocalls are a threat here in San Diego," said Dr. Murray Jennex, a professor in Management Information Systems at San Diego State University.

Robocalls are a voicemail or text from an automated voice, saying you owe money and could face jail time if you don't pay up.

"It's a way for them to get your information," said Dr. Jennex.

The Better Business Bureau of San Diego said there are things you can do to protect yourself.

One is going to their online scam tracker. It includes an interactive map of known scams in your area. 

"You may not guess this, but millennials are more likely to be scammed than older people," said Michael Sedio, Vice-President of Operations for the BBB. "About 27 percent of millennials will fall for a scam. That statistic goes all the way down to 12 percent for people age 65 and older."

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